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UFMS, Inc. provides full service receivable management outsource programs that satisfy the entire spectrum of account billing and collection activity. Utilizing the most modern forms of data, communication, and information resources available in the current market, we continually maintain contact with your customer, your management staff, and simultaneously provide instant access through our HIPAA compliant internet access portals.

Service, security, access, professional customer contact, electronic claims filing, certificate of medical necessity printing and tracking, recurring claims management, real time access to claims and reports, and ongoing HIPAA compliance review are all an integral part of our outsource billing management through Customer Service Center, Inc.

To fully resolve all of your receivable needs, those few accounts that are not satisfied through our billing processes can be electronically dropped into our collection management programs provided through United Collection Service, Inc. Continued professional customer care is job one, all the while recovering the maximum amount of receivables through systematic contact methods, including telephone, scripted messaging programs and dunning letter programs shown to be statistically productive through years of testing and perfecting.

Please tour our pages, and when your ready, contact our sales staff to schedule a formal presentation at your convenience. You can reach our sales manager, Tom Hynes, toll free at:

(866) 456-4827, Ext. 1130

or locally at:

(407) 833-8900, Ext. 1130

We are eager to work with you in customizing a tailored receivable program to your needs!